Author - Jeffrey Osburn



Author and business executive Jeffrey Osburn is a Texas native who graduated from LeTourneau University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management.  As a youngster growing up in the Piney Woods of East Texas, he camped, swam, hiked, played music, and read but never seriously considered writing until he was much older.

As a young adult, Jeffrey frequently traveled to and learned about the diverse culture and customs of Mexico.  These experiences fostered a keen interest in both pre- and post-Colombian history and the cultural anthropology of Mesoamerica.  He wrote down his observations and encounters but had yet to discover the right combination of platform and message.

His subsequent work in international trading helped him to gain a firsthand perspective of the modern politics of Mexico. He started writing about the issues affecting both the United States and Latin America then and found a voice in the form of realistic contemporary fiction.  His novels use hot-button topics from today’s headlines to challenge and inform readers about mutual interests at stake in the Americas including border security, immigration reform, drug and human trafficking and the emergence of popular socialism.

Jeffrey Osburn is a member of the Writers League of Texas. His other interests include reading, playing music, cooking and traveling.  He’s a father of four and has two grandchildren.  Osburn lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife Rosalinda, their daughter Ashley and son Travis.

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